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St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

St. Agnes, being a mile across, is one of the smallest of five inhabited islands with a community of only 72 people. St. Agnes changes constantly with the seasons. From November to March many islanders are involved in flower farming, harvesting early narcissus in the frost-free climate while the rest of the year is taken up with cultivation, fishing, and the sale of bulbs, flowers and craft products.

Packing in more than just staggering views, St. Agnes boasts a sea-front pub, fish restaurant, cafe’s, a post office and grocery store. Farms sell milk, eggs, meat organic vegetables, honey and narcissi.

On the UK’s most south-western outpost a whitewashed lighthouse and stone cottages tumble down to the farmland and flower fields, that meets the edge of the Atlantic. But this rugged little island doesn’t sit alone at the edge of the country. It is joined to neighbour Gugh by a sandy causeway that bares itself to the ocean ebbs, creating two sheltered areas of water that are havens for bathers.

For more information visit www.st-agnes-scilly.org