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Samson in Sunset        

Samson, The Isles of Scilly

Samson is the largest uninhabited island consisting of two hills. There are remains of stone cottages as in 1855 the population of only two families left the island due to malnutrition. Augustus Smith then made the island into a deer park, however all the deer escaped. More recently Samson has become a protected wildlife site and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Visitors can access Samson by tripper boat, but due to there not being a quay, passengers will have to disembark via a wooden plank – perfect if the children want to play pirates! The remains of the old cottages can be explored, and there are also the remains of Augustus Smith’s deer park. There are no amenities or services available, but Samson does have a fantastic soft sandy beach and if arriving by your own hired boat then you might even have the island to yourself!

Before visiting Samson we recommend the children reading Why the Wales Came or even watching the film (as noted in the ‘Books about the Islands’ tab) to really bring the story alive when visiting Samson.