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Tresco and Bryher        

Bryher, Isles of Scilly

‘Bryher’ means the land of hills and whilst you’re on the island you should take a hike up Samson Hill to enjoy amazing panoramic views across Scilly and out to Bishop Rock Lighthouse. Bryher is a peaceful little island, home to the smallest Scillonian community. Bryher is a close neighbour to Tresco, and on a very low spring tide the channel between the two islands can be walked across, which is also a good shrimping spot!

Bryher’s roads are little more than tracks with traffic limited to the occasional tractor, quad or Landrover. The island farms have fresh produce for sale on the roadside with honesty boxes.

The character of this little island changes dramatically with the seasons; during the warm months of springtime, the island bursts into life with an abundance of colour filling the hedgerows and fields with the fragrant blooms of wild flowers. The rugged west coast faces the full force of the open Atlantic Ocean making Hell Bay the perfect place for storm watching on a blustery day.

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