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Discover The Isles of Scilly

If you are looking for beautiful white beaches, exotic sub-tropical plants and a quality of life that is difficult to find in this busy World, then the Isles of Scilly is your destination of choice. Whether it’s an action packed trip or a relaxing break then Scilly has something for everyone.

Twenty eight miles off Land’s End lie the Isles of Scilly and whilst Cornwall is our neighbour, we are distinctly different. Once the islands are full, they are full – not like other Cornish seaside towns that can seem overcrowded, Scilly remains uncrowned and unspoilt with a total local population of only 2,100 residents.

There are five inhabited islands in the archipelago, set amongst hundreds of smaller islands and rocky islets, which provide homes to numerous species of seabirds and marine animals.

Illustrated Map of the Isles of Scilly

Map of the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly lie squarely in the path of the Gulf Stream, creating a considerable improvement in the climate – surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and warmed by the North Atlantic Drift – Scilly has a milder climate than the mainland creating a haven for many types of flora and fauna. Migrating birds also rest here during their travels, making this an ideal spot for bird watching.

Once on the islands you will notice the slower pace of life, and being one of the safest areas in the UK  islanders rarely even lock their front doors and children roam safely. Each island has a distinct character and we recommend visiting them all. There are regular daily passenger boat services to all the islands as boating is a vital way of life here on Scilly.

The islands have been classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (equivalent to a National Park) with 26 sites designated as sites of special scientific interest, 238 scheduled ancient monuments and 130 listed buildings in a space of only 6 square miles (visit www.ios-aonb.info for more information).

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