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Fire Risk Assessment

Address of Property Assessed:
Peninnis Farm Luxury Camping,
Church Road, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly,
TR21 0NA

Person Undertaking the Assessment – Name: Jon May

Position: Owner

Date of Assessment: 23/03/13

This risk assessment has been carried out by Jon May who is the owner of this property.

Step 1 – Identify Fire Hazards and Fire Risks

1.1 Sources of ignition

a) Electrical – wiring and appliances

  • All wiring is checked by a competent person on a regular bases
  • All trailing cables have been kept or reduced to the minimum practical length
  • The fuse board and circuit breakers are all in good condition
  • All appliances are kept in good condition and replaced when needed
  • Appliances need to be checked regularly
  • Appliances need to be labeled and dated

b) Cooking – especially deep-fat frying

  • All appliances are of high quality and there are no deep fat fryers.

c) Smoking

  • This is a non-smoking property

d) Candles

  • Candle holders are provided

e) Heaters and boilers

  • Heating is provided by a wood burner

f) Open fires

  • Each tent has a wood burner. A fire-guard is provided and all guests should use it.

g) Others

  • NONE

1.2. Fuel present

  • There are no gas or oil fired appliances

h) Elements of structure

  • The floors are laid with vinyl and have a wooden base
  • The walls and ceilings are canvas

i) Furniture and furnishings

  • All furniture and furnishings comply with regulations
  • There are no unusual risks that may lead to an increased risk of fire

j) Domestic waste

  • No waste is stored next to an ignition source
  • The domestic waste is removed from the property when required or at least once a week

k) Other items – e.g. petrol for lawnmowers, cleaning materials etc.

  • There are no highly inflammable materials or liquids stored in the property

1.3. Activities that might cause a fire, including work processes/procedures etc.

  • All cooking appliances are of a high quality which helps reduce the likely hood of a fire risk
  • Any build up of domestic waste or rubbish will be removed as often as required
  • Risk from cooking – but no more than normal
  • Children playing with matches
  • Candles left unattended
  • Each of above depends on care exercised by guests

Step 2 – Identify Persons at Risk

2.1 Number of guests

  • Each tent has the capacity to accommodate six guests

2.2. Number of staff/employees

  • There are two members of staff employed for change over days
  • There are no staff employed who are under eighteen years of age

Step 3 – Evaluate the Risks

3.1. Means of escape

a) Detail the type of property:

  • There is either one on two small steps to climb to access the front of the tent

b) Detail the number of exit doors and where they are:

  • There are four exit doors, one is the main front door and there is a zip opening door in each of the bedrooms

3.2. The fire alarm and fire detection

c) Describe what fire alarm and fire detectors have been provided:

  • There are no smoke alarms

3.3. Fire fighting equipment

d) Detail what fire extinguishers/blankets are provided and where they are:

  • A fire blanket is provided in the kitchen
  • An appropriately sized fire extinguisher is provided in an easily accessible location on the end of the kitchen unit

3.4. Escape lighting

e) Detail areas covered by emergency lighting (if any):

  • There is no emergency lighting but a torch is provided

3.5. Evacuation procedure

f) Describe the evacuation procedures

  • All staff and guests should exit if at all possible via the front door, only using the firefighting equipment to aid their own escape. Having got all their party out of the tent, guests should alert adjacent tents and owners and then call 999 from the farmhouse phone and give the farm address. The muster point is the farm yard by the farm buildings.